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TX Consulting LLC

supported by Arkhangelsk regional Autonomous non-profit organization Agency for regional development

TX Consulting LLC

TX Consulting LLC develops corporate software and advise clients in this area in the USA and Europe. We have successfully developed software solutions for large corporations, medium-sized businesses and start-up companies.
We implement Business Intelligence systems (Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik etc), work with Big Data and integration (iPaaS - Dell Boomi, Mulesoft Platform), and develop mobile applications. We have experience with neural networks, artificial intelligence, forecasting. We work with cloud platforms AWS, Heroku, MS Azure and others. We also evaluate the quality of the development of ready-made applications, their level of security, we write automated tests and test cases.
We have extensive experience with Java, Salesforce, AWS, Python, Heroku, Node.js, Groovy, MS Power BI, and so on.



TX Consulting LLC
supported by Arkhangelsk regional Autonomous non-profit organization Agency for regional development
Lomonosova street, 81, офис 312
163000 Arkhangelsk
Tel: +7 950 962 57 89